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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help answer your questions anytime. Below are some answers to common questions or come in and talk to us personally and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Click on the question below to read the answer.

1. How do I activate and/or change my Debit Card Pin Number?
  • Call 1-800-417-8715 - The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
2. What do I do if I lose my debit card?
  • You can call Del Norte Bank 719-657-3376 during regular business hours or you can call 1-800-472-3272 which is available 24 hours 7 days a week.
3. WARNING: Never provide personal information!
  • Remember to never give out private information over the telephone. Recently, Debit Card Holders of Del Norte were receiving telephone calls that were either automated or live asking for their complete debit card numbers. Please do not provide that information... remember, we already have your account number and will never ask for it. If you ever receive such a call, please contact Glen Archuleta at 719.657.3376.
4. Do you finance farms and businesses?
  • We have a special niche in financing local farms and businesses. Our lenders have special experience and training to be good, thoughtful lenders in this particular area. They will consult with you and together you'll determine what services best fit your unique needs. Contact us to set up an appointment today!
5. Do you have overdraft protection?
  • Yes, but not in the form of a loan. We can set up overdraft protection as a link and an automatic transfer from a savings account. Unlike other banks, we don't charge for this service, because it's your money that you've set up to protect your checking account. It's cheap, it's safe, and it's convenient.
6. Where can I get a mortgage or installment loan application?
7. What is verification of assets?
  • This verifies monies you have either in a deposit or savings account, brokerage account, IRA, or retirement account.
8. What is verification of income?
  • This documentation proves your gross monthly income. We will accept these types of verification of income: current pay stubs, previous years signed income tax returns, previous years W-2 forms, verification of employment form completed by your employer, or a signed letter from your employer stating your monthly gross income.
9. What is collateral and why do I need it?
  • Collateral is something that you own and secures your loan. Depending on the type of loan you are seeking collateral can be many things; your home, automobile, livestock, land, etc. By offering collateral for your loan, the Bank is assured the loan will be paid.
10. How do I apply for a Mortgage loan?
  • To apply for a mortgage loan you will need to complete the mortgage loan application, provide verification of employment, verification of income and verification of assets. The rest is up to us. Contact one of our lenders if you have further questions.
11. I want to buy a house, where do I start?
  • It's best to get pre-approved to purchase a home. This will allow you to know in what price range you should be shopping. To get pre-approved you will need to complete the mortgage loan application, provide verification of employment and verification of income and verification of assets. The rest is up to us, it's that simple! Contact one of our lenders today.
12. How long does it take to get a debit card?
  • Approximately two weeks.
13. Can I get a debit card and what are the charges?
  • We have an application for debit cards and upon approval it will cost $7.00 to issue two cards.
14. How do I re-order checks?
  • There are several ways to re-order checks
    • Call us in Del Norte at 719-657-3376
    • Call Deluxe at 1-800-335-8931 or visit them online, Click Here.Deluxe Personal Checks
15. What does it take to open a Checking or Savings account?
  • There are a couple of things you'll need to open a personal account
    • Valid photo ID
    • Social Security Number
    • Address
    • Phone number
  • Corporate accounts are a little different
    • Corporate Resolution or minutes showing how the account should be opened
    • Federal Tax Identification Number
    • Address
    • Phone number
16. What is the daily limit for a debit card?
  • You can use your debit card up to 20 times per day for a maximum of $500 in ATM withdrawals and $1000 in purchases. You can request temporary increases if you have a large purchase or special circumstances.
17. How to I obtain a free credit report?
  • There is only one website authorized to fill orders for the free annual credit report you are entitled to under law –  Other websites that claim to offer “free credit reports, free credit scores or free monitoring are not part of the legally mandated annual credit report program.  Click here to learn more.
  • The three nationwide credit reporting companies have set up a central website, a toll-free telephone number, and a mailing address through which you can order your free annual report.   To order, visit, call 1-877-322-8228.



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